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New Center for Research Computing (CRC) website is coming

For our users who also use resources from Center for Research Computing (CRC):


Important changes for and

(news shared by CRC on Friday, April 27, 2018)

The Center for Research Computing is retiring the portal and transferring all functionality to All users please note that the existing WordPress site has been redesigned and will soon go online with a completely new view and new features. Once the redesigned goes live in the coming weeks, core.sam will re-direct to All account information and other functionality now available on core.sam will continue to be available on As always, If you need to submit a help ticket, please use and if you need to contact CRC team for another reason, please use

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Genomics Research Core Office Hours **Now also in Langley Hall**

BST Lobby, Near Room S100 on the second or third (*) Thursday of each month

Jun 14, 2018
Jul 12, 2018
Aug 9, 2018
Sep 13, 2018
Oct 11, 2018
Nov 15, 2018*
Dec 13, 2018

Langley office hours will continue throughout mid 2018 on the second Monday of each month in room A219 or lobby

Jun 11, 2018 (lobby)
Jul 9, 2018 (lobby)
Aug 13, 2018


We look forward to seeing you!

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